Sunday, November 5, 2017

Stuff I Wore Last Week

Work has been incredibly busy with renewal coming this week. Anyway a little of what I wore last week.

Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke Navy/Blue Windowpane-$$$ via Michael Andrews Bespoke
Shirt: SuitSupply White Dress Shirt-$39 via SuitSupply (outlet pick up)
Tie: Conrad Wu Navy/Brown Geometric-Gift
Pocket Square: Merona White Cotton via Target

Jacket: Stafford Brown/Blue Windowpane via JCPenney-$15 (no alterations needed)
Shirt: LandsEnd Light Blue Oxford "UPCHS" Shirt-free (Thanks to the school!)
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar Light Blue/White "silk"-$12 via The Tie Bar 

Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke Gray Prince of Wales-$$$ via Michaels Andrews Bespoke
Shirt: SuitSupply Light Blue L/S Does Shirt-$39 via SuitSupply
Tie: Faconnable Green Grenadine-$35 via eBay
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar White/Navy Tipped via The Tie Bar

Suit: Indochine Light Gray Prince of Wales-$300 via Indocino
Shirt: SuitSupply White/Light Blue Stripe via SuitSupply (outlet pick up)
Tie: Stafford Nav/White Polka Dot via JCP
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar White/Navy Tipped via The Tie Bar

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The one Indochino Suit that fits properly...

It took some tailoring, literally having it done multiple times but this is by far the best of my Indochino suits of the 3.

Suit: Indochino Prince of Wales MTM-$350 part of a 3 piece (plus tailoring cost)
Shirt: SuitSupply Blue French Cuff-$30 (outlet pick up)
Tie: Facconable Green Grenadine via eBay-$35
Pocket Square: Light Blue/Paisley White Silk Pocket Square-$12
Shoes: Same as yesterday


Think Pink

Suit: SuitSupply Blue Plain purchased in Milan-$299
Shirt: ModernTailor White/Pink Stripe MTM-$40
Pocket Square: White/Navy Tipped, The Tie Bar-$8
Tie: The Knottery Navy/Paisley-$35
Shoes: Meermin Museum Calf Austerity Brogue MTO on the Park Last

Thursday, October 19, 2017

WDIW 10/19

I lost my voice today but at least I looked good doing it.

Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke Gray Suit (part of a 3 piece)-$$$
Shirt: SuitSupply Navy/White Stripe via eBay-$20
Tie: The Knottery Knit Tie-$35
Pocket Square: J. Crew Liberty "Bandana" $9.50 (I suggest searching bandanas in the women's section, many make great pocket squares)
Shoes (not pictured): same as the last few days-Meermin Museum Calf Captoes $260

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WDIW...Oct. 17

The temperatures have dropped so flannel can finally come back into the rotation.

Suit: SuitSupply Havana Burgundy Flannel (3 pc, no vest today)-$299 via SuitSupply Outlet
Shirt: SuitSupply Blue Line Shirt White-$39 via SuitSupply Outlet
Tie: The Knottery Wool Navy/Paisley-$35
Pocket Square: J. Crew Factory Navy/White Polka Dots-$8
Socks: Uniqlo Cotton-3 for $9 deal
Shoes: Meermin Linea Maestro Museum Calf Captoes MTO-$260

Monday, October 16, 2017

WDIWT 10/16/17

Suit: SuitSupplyBlue Havana via eBay $100 plus Alterations
Shirt: SuitSupply White/Blue Strie via eBay $20
Tie: Eidos Napoli Brown Grenadine via eBay $60
Pocket Square: J. Crew Linen Pocket Square $9.80
Shoes: Meermin Museum Calf (not pictured) $260

Sunday, October 15, 2017

After 3+Years...First Post Back

It's been a got busy and well this fell to the way-side.

Even though it's been a few years, I'm still "dressing better" and try to do it with quality products that are kind to the wallet. Keep in mind that quality isn't usually cheap but if you look around you may just find a great deal out there. In addition, what may not be considering "cheap" to you may be "cheap" to others. For example a $300 SuitSupply suit is a great price but it may seem expensive to someone who is used to spending $100 on a suit from Macy's. The quality on the SuitSupply is very likely to be much better than any Macy's suit.

A few from the past couple weeks:
Suit: SuitSupply ($100 on eBay+Alterations), Shirt: SuitSupply ($20 eBay), Tie: Conrad Wu ($80)

Suit: Indochino MTM ($350), Shirt: SuitSupply ($39 Outlet), Tie: Facconable Grenadine ($30 eBay)

Suit: Indochino MTM ($350), Shirt: SuitSupply ($39 Outlet), Tie: Conrad Wu (Gift), Square: TieBar ($10)

Suit: SuitSupply ($260 purchased in Milan SuSu Store), Shirt: Michael Andrews Bespoke (Gift), Tie: Conrad Wu ($80), Square: J. Crew Factory ($6)